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Open Source Developers: Taking Up Vocation

Without exception, every open source developer I’ve ever met has been impassioned with the idea of a shared software model for the greater good. Moreover, they began and continue their journeys through the progression of deep expertise on a singular project or moving through various solutions driven by a seemingly internal calling. Eric S. Raymond gave us, “Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer’s personal itch.” Perhaps Eric is onto something with reference to the physical

Awakening a Latent Superpower

Editor’s note: This is Part Three of VMware’s “Getting to Great” series on its Open Source Program Office. Read part one and part two. The benefits of an Open Source Program Office (OSPO) is best summed up by Joe Beda, principal engineer at VMware: “Open Source is a growing force for every company that deals with software — and today, that is pretty much every company. Smart organizations turn open source from a source of stress to a competitive advantage. This involves consuming open source to

3 Core Tenets of the VMware Open Source Program Office

Editor’s note: This is Part Two of VMware’s three-part “Getting to Great” series on its Open Source Program Office. In the first part of this series, we explored the rationale behind creating an Open Source Program Office (OSPO). For VMware, compliance, promoting community best practices and enabling an ethos of discovery and innovation comprise the VMware OSPO charter. For Dirk Hohndel, VMware’s chief open source officer, compliance is always top of mind. “How do you ensure that you understan

The Rationale Behind an Open Source Program Office

Editor’s note: This is Part One of VMware’s three-part “Getting to Great” series on its Open Source Program Office. With the use of Open Source Software (OSS) on the rise both in IT architecture and software development, it’s time to take a closer look at the implications. OSS is no longer a “countercultural movement” with Linux as its standard-bearer — it’s now a trusted, essential ingredient of any software solution. IT leaders and LOB managers alike, need to know how to manage this part of t

Results from the OTC at TexasTech

Located on the east side of Lubbock, TX just outside the city limit, the Texas Tech Oilfield Technology Center (OTC), provides classroom training and research space for both academic and industry needs. It has a 4000-foot test well equipped with a pumping unit connected with a flow line to a surface tank battery for demonstration and training purposes. Furthermore, high pressure separator and gas processing units including a line heater, vapor recovery unit, high pressure and low-pressure natura

SETI: Separating the signals from the noise

SETI: Separating the signals from the noise There are trillions upon trillions of data points in the universe, and the SETI Institute is hard at work deciphering all of them. And what they learn about the cosmos may have real-world applications for industry. SETI gathers millions of complex rows of relational data from the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) that are recorded, sifted, analyzed and visualized. Signals from the universe, captured through a telescope array, take form as a massive amou

SETI Leans on IBM Cloud to Eavesdrop on the Cosmos

Earlier this year, the world took note when an international team of scientists discovered that three of seven Earth-size planets orbiting the nearby star TRAPPIST-1 were in the habitable zone. Solar systems with this many planets are a rare find in the galaxy. Even rarer, these planets are similar in size to Earth and could have water on their surfaces to potentially support life. Needless to say this cosmic finding has been exciting for researchers and citizens alike. But for our team of resea

IBM and USA Cycling uses IoT data and analytics to improve performance

USA Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit joined forces with Watson IoT, IBM Analytics, and IBM jStart to incorporate real-time data analytics from the internet of things into their training. They broke their own world record and shaved more than 2 full seconds off of their results. They then went on to win Silver at the 2016 Olympic games held in Rio, Brazil. The culmination of the passion, skill, and conditioning of the cyclists and coaches, coupled with the most advanced technologies, gave this team

Data surfaces small insights that yield winning results

Today’s competitive coaching roles are mired with seemingly incompatible skills and responsibilities. Unique sport expertise, competitive landscape, ever-evolving training methodology, sports medicine, modern technology, not to mention organizational navigation, logistics and equipment design to name a few of the key qualifications for a successful coach. Enter the data scientist and the new world of digital coaching. When the coaching staff of USA Team Pursuit met with IBM jStart, we simply as